A list of my climbs in order of completion:

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Climbs in italics indicate a repeat 14er

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  1. Josh

    Looking forward to reading your blog on your La Plata Peak hike. Enjoyed meeting you up at the peak. What a beautiful day! Can’t thank God enough for giving us this beautiful place in Colorado to play (and work). I am now putting away my 14’er hiking boots until next year. Going to Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park this weekend to camp, listen to the elk bugle, and do some “easy” hikes.


  2. Hi Josh. I am the “John” you wrote about on your Culebra post. What an amazing hike and an even more harrowing finish to that day for the 2 of you. I wanted to send you a quick note to apologize about crashing your and Aaron’s hike. Sometimes I forget that everyone hikes for different reasons and we all tend to enjoy different parts of the hike (eg. solitude, comradarie, scenery, etc.) I had a great time conversing with you about our collective faith. The way you have overcome adversity and grown closer to God is a testament to the power of the Holy Spirit inside of you. Your story and your perserverence are inspiring. Good luck and may God continue to bless you on your journey!

    • Hey John! First off, no reason to apologize whatsoever. I am glad we were able to hike together. I really enjoyed getting to know you and our conversation. The best part of a hike for me is the people I get to hike with, even if it is someone that I meet on the mountain. So thank you for hiking with me and our great conversation. It was a blessing for both of us.

      I heard from Troy a couple days after the hike that the 4 of you made it down before the storm really hit. Glad you were able to avoid that situation because it was brutal. I wish the weather on top of Culebra would have been more indictative of what was about to come so I could have better assessed our hike towards Red Mountain. Those clear skies on top of Culebra were deceiving.

      May God continue to bless your journey and the remainder of your hikes ahead. If you ever need a hiking partner, feel free to contact me. I would enjoy the opportunity to hike with the four of you again. I also enjoyed keeping up with you and you pushing me up the mountain.

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