To summit all the 14ers in Colorado and to photograph a can of Fat Tire on each of the summits.

That was about as simple as I could put it.  However, I wish the goal was that simple!  There are 54-58 (depending on who is counting and what is considered official) 14,000+ foot high mountains in Colorado.  My hope and goal is to climb to the top of all of these peaks (all 58). I will not drive, helicopter, teleport, or ride a mountain goat to the top….I will hike and climb.  When I arrive on each summit, I shall sit there and enjoy the view, celebrate, and be grateful for a successful journey until I complete them all. 

If you follow my blog, my original goal was to consume a Fat Tire on each peak.  Now that I have hiked several of the 14ers in Colorado, with several difficult ones remaining, I have come to realize that my goal of consuming a Fat Tire isn’t always wise in my opinion.  Some of the 14ers are very difficult to climb; I risk injury or death on a given climb, and therefore, safety and an acute awareness are essential at all times.  Priorities change as well and I have people that I am responsible to.  I have to be at the top of my game physically, mentally and spiritually.  My goal has changed to consuming a Fat Tire depending on the difficulty and exposure or just photographing a can of Fat Tire on each summit.   Regardless, I will take a Fat Tire to the top of each summit; if I summit two peaks in a day, I will take two Fat Tires.

I want to be very honest about my goal.  This is not a Fat Tire promotional campaign.  This was my way to be creative and to have a little fun as I complete my journey.  It is my way of remembering, documenting and adding my own personal touch.  I enjoy Fat Tire and it was the beverage I chose to take on my first hike.  Subsequently, I took a Fat Tire on additional hikes and found taking a picture of the Fat Tire can on top of the summit was my favorite summit shot.

In the end, my true goal is to grow.  It is to learn more about whom I am and what I am capable of.  It is to gain wisdom into the man God wants me to be.  It is to find myself.  It is to overcome fear, to challenge myself, to conquer obstacles, to cherish nature, to discover a deeper love, to seek adventure, to feel alive.  It is to grow in friendships by learning to be interdependent with those around me.  It is to walk along side my Heavenly Father and to embrace His love while learning directly from the maker. 

This is my journey to discover what it means to be an imperfect yet faithful servant of God as a man, a friend, a future husband, and future father.



  1. Very interesting goal Josh. Can’t go wrong with having a Fat Tire to celebrate. What caught me was in your profile you stated that you are a Christian. Way to go man. Never let down your guard for Christ. It is a never ending battle to live a christian life, but doing so gives the ultimate reward. It is pretty cool to read about others and their faith. Expecially when it is about someone else who likes the mtns. I Live in Pella, Iowa with my wife and three kids. Born in 1981. I spend a lot of time out at Copper Colorado throughout the year. When I was in High School I was in an outdoor club and we hiked Lincoln, Democrat, and Bross in one day. Great Time Very addicting. I hope to continue hiking with my kids. I look forward to following your journey to climb all 54.

  2. You must have been pretty buzzed after the Lincoln, Cameron, Democrat, Bross loop. Great idea and good luck on the rest of the journey.

  3. Hi Josh! This is awesome! I read it all and you have such a gift for writing. I’m so proud for you and what you are accomplishing! I’m also very anxious to see where you are in 5 years. I know it will be somewhere very special! Miss you in the hood… Kristi

  4. Great reading. Apreciate your perspective on life, climbing, internal man, eternal destination. So many spiritual lessons to be gleaned form the mountains, climbing and summit experiences. During years of climbing everything from Col 14’ers to Kili to Denali we have accumulated a vast list of spiritual “Lessons form the Mountains” that we have shared with friends, church groups, college audiences. You are on track, put your thoughts to pen, share the example teach the Good News of Jesus. Ed and Bonnie

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